Sporting Event Transfers

Sporting event transfers

Are you planning on going to a football match with your friends? You take care of the tickets, while we handle the transport.

Enjoy the game with your friends

If you want to go with your friends to watch your favourite team play, but don’t have a vehicle big enough to accommodate everyone, our specialists will be glad to help you. At Coach Horn Travel, we have a range of minibuses to suit your requirements and budget. We will ensure that you get to the stadium on time for kick-off without getting stuck in traffic.
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two footballers kicking at a ball
golf ball at edge of hole

What do you plan to watch?

  • Football matches
  • Rugby games
  • Golf
  • Horse races
  • Tennis 
  • Formula 1
Punctual school trips
Trust Coach Horn Travel to help with all your travel needs in Gillingham, West Malling, Maidstone and the surrounding areas.
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